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Company Profile

Safis Solutions Sdn. Bhd.



Core Compentency and Strength.

     Safis Solutions Sdn. Bhd. commitment to this market has been built upon years of experience in the maintenance and implementation of a broad range of technologies, including Personal Computers, Midrange and Enterprise Servers, networking products, end-to-end Security Solutions, Cloud Computing and Video Conferencing Solutions, as well as all supporting peripherals. Our skills, knowledge, and highly trained workforce of professionals team combines more than 30 years of experience in IT-based solutions bringing experience and expertise to every assignment, project activity and customer contact. 

Our success as a major service provider in projects can be attributed to the use of a disciplined project management approach that clearly defines management structures and identifies the required processes and resources needed to accomplish program objectives. Our history of sustained growth in the competitive IT support field is based on our commitment to providing responsive service of the highest quality.

We differentiate ourselves in the IT marketplace by providing “Simple and workable Solutions through reliable customer Support

What we do?

Safis Solutions provides the best solutions for executives to maximize return on their IT investments.Our deep industry knowledge enables clients to address issues specific to their businesses, and ourunmatched infrastructure provides the capacity and capability to help ensure we serve our clientsextraordinarily well. We serve global and local enterprises with technology solutions and servicesmade possible by our highly developed skills in consulting and integration, to meet their business goals.

How we do it?

Our portfolio is built around innovative offerings in application maintenance and development, business process outsourcing, and infrastructure, including desktop services, storage and networking. This enables our clients to respond quickly to changing market dynamics and increase their competitiveness.

Who are we?

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"Safis Solutions Sdn Bhd" We differentiate ourselves in the IT marketplace by providing "Simple & workable Solutions through reliable customer Support"

Our Services

  • Network Design and Installation

  • Systems Integration/IT

  • Information Security and
    Other Services


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