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Technical Services Division (TSD)

Safis Solutions Sdn. Bhd. 

     In recognition that technical service is critical to ensure smooth deployment of the product and services that we sell, our Technical Services Division’s main charter lies in providing responsive and professional quality service and support excellence. This necessarily includes a spectrum of skills sets and expertise not only in integration and IT management but also infrastructure mapping and project management. 

     Over the years, we have refined our skills to build intelligent infrastructure that integrate systems, network, storage, security, and management to help our business operate at the highest efficiency level. The trend of digital convergence is real, requiring that we nurture technical knowledge is designing and building IT networks that combined voice, data, and video providing services that let people communicate any way they want to. It is our role to help our customers leverage emerging technology to their advantage and more importantly, helping to ensure the technical readiness for our customers business no matter what the new economy brings. 

     TSD is organized into 3 distinct but complementing departments. Professional Services Department (PSD) has experience spanning from planning, designing and delivering large scale IT infrastructure projects in networking to Microsoft Technology and UNIX environment while Customer Service Department.



  • Professional Service Department (PSD)
  • Customer Service Department (CSD)
  • Project Coordination Department (PCD)

PSD offers consulting expertise in the areas of IT infrastructure architectures and systems integration to help customer plan, implement and manage their networked environment. Effective networked computing requires an IT infrastructure tailored to meet their specific business needs. PSD has the in depth, hands-on technical experience and business savvy to help customers gain the most value from their IT investment.

Our Services

  • Wintel Services +

    Windows Servers Implementation
    Windows Servers Hardware and Software Support
    Windows Servers Availability Services
    Windows Servers Upgrade Assessment Services
    Windows Servers Readiness Assessment Services
    Windows Server Design Review
    Exchange Messaging Planning Services
    Windows Platform Data Recovery and Backup Services

  • Networking Service +

    Network Consultations Services
    Site Survey/Network Assessment Services
    Architecture Planning Selection
    Network Continuity Planning
    Network Security Services
    Network Budget Planing
    Wireless LAN Solution
    Structured Cabling System Experts

  • 1

Servicing existing computer assets may present a huge and ineffective cost challenge especially for organizations without internal IT support. As outsourcing becomes a norm rather than an exception, the CSD plays a strategic role in maintaining a network of service centers nationwide to deliver post sales and maintenance services.
To operate a computer system cost effectively, customer needs to accurately predict both the initial project and on going maintenance costs. Out Maintenance Services program offer customers greater flexibility when budgeting a computer system management cost by providing single or Multiyear Post Warranty Support
Agreements. The Post Warranty Support Agreement offer a remarkably manageable option to our customers as maintenance services can then be bundled with the initial project cost as an alternative to an on going operational expenditure. The Post Warranty Support Agreement includes the following services:

  • Nationwide service centers in most major towns that are supported by more that 60 IT Support Personnel (inclusive of Authorized Service Provider network and staffs)
  • Provides personal computers and peripherals support ranging from home to cooperate users
  • Hardware Equipment Maintenance


Regional Support Facilities

To deliver a quality and responsive services to customer nationwide, our regional service centers are strategically located all over Malaysia.

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The PCD helps customers in project planning and supervision of the project implementation. PCD is also a
contact point for project collaborative activities between customer and us. PCD provides the processes of
coordinating, scheduling, executing, monitoring, reporting and closing of a particular project. Other PCD
services includes:

  • Project Scope Definition
  • Project Scheduling Services
  • Procurement and Delivery Services
  • Project Cost Resource Planning
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services
  • Documentation Services
  • Project Status Reporting

Who are we?

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"Safis Solutions Sdn Bhd" We differentiate ourselves in the IT marketplace by providing "Simple & workable Solutions through reliable customer Support"

Our Services

  • Network Design and Installation

  • Systems Integration/IT

  • Information Security and
    Other Services


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